Four Year Old Program Overview

Little Lambs offers four year old Kindergarten classes to enrolled children age four.  The program begins each fall and is coordinated to ensure that the completion of the program coincides with the public schools.


Currently, we are using the A Beka Christian School curriculum. This curriculum is widely used and highly regarded by Christian educators and home school parents.  It is designed to incorporate Christian ideals and values into every aspect of learning.

Our curriculum includes daily bible stories, Christian art activities, music and creative movement.  Children learn to interact using center play and outdoor games and activities.

Developmental Goals

* Learn to write letters, one syllable words
* Learn to write numbers through 25
* Learn to write name, address, and phone number
* Learn to read one syllable words, three and four word sentences
* Learn sorting and counting to 50
* Develop advanced motor skills
* Learn concepts of days, months, yesterday, today, and tomorrow