Enrollment Costs

A one time registration fee of $30.00 is due at the time the application is submitted.  In addition, book fees for three and four year olds are approximately $55.00 and $90.00 respectively.

                Weekly Rate Schedule

    Infants (6 wks-24 mos)

        $150.00 / week

   Toddlers (24 mos-3 yrs)

        $120.00 / week

     Three through Five

        $115.00 / week

    Preschool (2 years only)

        $ 22.00 / day

     School Age (6-12)

        $ 60.00 / week   
          before & after

        $ 50.00 / week
          before or after

        $ 80.00 / week
          summer rate 

       K - 8th Grade*
           *Fairlawn Academy

        $ 90.00 / week 

For 2 or more children a 10% discount is applied to the lesser rates.

Rate includes snow days and teacher work days, no additional fees charged.

Note:  Children do not move up to the next class until the fall following their birthday.

Payment Procedures

Payment is due by cash or check in advance on the Monday of the week your child will be enrolled. A twenty dollar charge will be assessed for returned checks.  A late fee will be assessed at the rate of $2.00 dollars per day, per child. You may pay monthly subject to prior approval.  If payment is in arrears for more than two weeks, enrollment will be terminated without further notice. Scheduled holidays are paid staff days, and will not be deducted from the weekly fee schedule.