Dayschool Hours

Little Lambs Christian Dayschool is open Monday through Friday from 6:30am until 6:00pm.  A late fee of $10.00 will be levied after 6:10 pm plus $10.00 for each additional minute after closing.

Arrival and Departure

Children may not be dropped off before 6:30am and must be accompanied by the parent or guardian until released into the care of the appropriate staff member. 
Children will be released from the premises only to those designated on the registration form. If someone else must pick up your child, prior arrangements must be made in advance in writing. 

Student Illness

If your child has a fever, or exhibits other symptoms of illness please keep them home or make other arrangements for childcare. Please wait 24 hours after fever subsides to return your child to class. If your child arrives with a fever or develops any symptoms of illness we will notify you to pick up your child. Should you be notified of illness you must have your child picked up within thirty minutes.

If your child has been exposed to any contagious disease, please notify the staff so we can be aware of any symptoms that may develop. Use common sense to help us keep your children and others safe from unnecessary illness. 
Medications may be administered to your child by our staff upon completion a Medication Form. All medication must be labeled with the child’s name and dosage, and stored in a clearly marked original container. All medications will be kept in a locked compartment.

Vacation and Sick Day Reduced Fees

After a child has been enrolled full time for six months we allow ten days per calendar year of "half pay" for vacations and sick time. For part time enrollees we allow five days of "half pay" per calendar year.  Any child who is
withdrawn from enrollment must re-apply for admission upon returning, and forfeits any unused "half pay" days.